Our Philosophy

Bold flavors.
Fair prices.

That’s the philosophy. In a few words.

Everything served is made in-house. From scratch. By hand. From high quality fresh ingredients.

Whether its the grass-fed Niman Ranch steaks, the extra virgin olive oils, the crisp arugula and mesclun salads, or the artisanal cheeses. The sorbets are made from freshly squeezed seasonal fruits. And we only use olive oil throughout the entire restaurant for dressings and cooking.

Because of the freshness, the food served is naturally healthy. As an example, the steaks contain high quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids (the good stuff) because they are grass fed outdoors, not kept in barns and fed hay. Many food items are served raw or minimally cooked, preserving their vital amino acids.

And the menu changes frequently to reflect what is at its peak for the season (not just veggies and fruits, but fish and other items have optimal seasons as well).

When it comes to dining, I love bold flavors. Big flavors. Flavors that evoke a sense of where they originated.

Bold flavors don’t have to be overpowering or overly spicy. Just clean and clearly recognizable.

Sauces always complement, not smother.
Herbs are always fresh for full flavor.
Fun things like Tasmanian Pepperberries or goat cheese aged in ash add a surprising and exciting pop to familiar dishes.
Ribs slow braised in red wine and home made beef broth deliver huge deep flavor without being overpowering.
Wines from around the world,mostly from small boutique wineries, many award winning, deliver on both flavor and value.

Sol Del Sur is informal. Come for a full 7 course dinner, or linger over an almond cookie and a glass of iced Thai coffee. Enjoy our patio when the whether is nice. Just be prepared to relax (black tie and tails optional). So come as you are, and let us know how we can take care of you.

Maybe best of all in a tense economic climate, we try to offer fair prices. For both lunch and dinner. Every day.

Sol Del Sur
31115 Rancho Viejo Drive, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone: 949-487-5225
E-mail: soldelsur@cox.net

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    Sherry Chicken Liver Pâté with Espresso Gelee on Semolina Cracker, Blueberry Chutney

    Crushed Cucumbers with Sopressata Salami and Garlic Chili Oil Vinaigrette

    Grilled grass fed Flap Steak with fresh Figs and Danish Blue Cheese on Toasts

    Fresh Sweet Corn Pancakes, aged Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese, Radish Strawberry Cream

    Red Cabbage Salad with Sesame Anchovy Dressing and toasted Seaweeds, baby Candy Cane Beets

    Sous Vide Baby Octopus Shabu Shabu, Chili Ume sauce, Shrimp Dashi

    Charleston style chilled pickled Shrimp with sweet Maui Onions and Sriracha

    Handmade Tuscan Pici Pasta with roasted Chickpeas, Chorizo, Garlic and Breadcrumbs

    Duck Fat roasted Corn on Danish Blue Cheese Polenta 'Cob', Corn Silk Crisps

    Cayenne Grilled Baby Carrot Kofte, Carrot Caramel

    Grilled Peaches and Oyster Mushrooms in Fino Sherry with Almond Crema on Toasts

    Duck Confit and Apricot Ragù on Polenta, Parmesan, Lemon Gremolata

    Desserts - new this week!

    Caramelized grilled Summer Stone Fruits, Whipped Mascarpone Creme, Sorrel Sorbet

    Candied Caramel Rum Shell filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Rum Meringue