Thanksgiving again – cook? clean? help!

You are too tired to put together a huge dinner.

And anyways, what to make?  When to shop?  And the mess!!

And all those people sitting there waiting for that Turkey (which better be perfectly roasted, like some sort of 1950 photo!)!!!

Plus someone is sure to bring that green bean casserole baked in the Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup again.  (Is that really tradition, or some sort of cruel revenge for evil misdeeds in a prior life?).

It’s enough to make any sane person scream.

Fortunately, anyone who has a restaurant is by definition certifiably crazy.  So, problem solved!


I thought a long time about doing a Thanksgiving menu for this year.

But, the more I thought about all the food I could make, things I have been thinking about off an on for a longtime, the crazy idea grew to be open for Thanksgiving and offer some of those ideas to people who might otherwise be forced (more or less against their will!) to do the same at their homes.


And turkeys are hard to cook well.

Breasts and legs are different.  They have different fat levels, different amounts of bone, different muscle structures.

They need to be prepared separately.

The breasts are best brined and roasted with lots of moisture.  Then crisped at the very end.

The legs need a super long low temp roasting time to tenderize all that sinewy dark meat.  Ideally in a nice bath of duck fat.

So the entire turkey is best when the breast and legs are prepared separately.  Each part given its ideal cooking temp, time and moisture to ensure perfection.  Then brought back together at the table.

Who would be crazy enough to do something like that?  (See above).

And that is just the turkey.  Thanksgiving is nothing without the sides.  And some dessert.

Even if you pull all that off perfectly, pretty much every dish, pot and pan in the house is in a soiled heap in the kitchen waiting for a few hours of scrubbing.


Well.  Either that, or you could just stop by here!

Get all the classics you crave (one day a year) presented with some very tasty upgrades!

Served to you!

And then you can just get up and leave the dishes!

Now that’s a Holiday!


I’ll be here, cooking up some sensational flavors, to help make your Thanksgiving a real holiday!

Call and make a reservation today!



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    Sherry Chicken Liver Pâté with Espresso Gelee on Semolina Cracker, Blueberry Chutney

    Crushed Cucumbers with Sopressata Salami and Garlic Chili Oil Vinaigrette

    Grilled grass fed Flap Steak with fresh Figs and Danish Blue Cheese on Toasts

    Fresh Sweet Corn Pancakes, aged Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese, Radish Strawberry Cream

    Red Cabbage Salad with Sesame Anchovy Dressing and toasted Seaweeds, baby Candy Cane Beets

    Sous Vide Baby Octopus Shabu Shabu, Chili Ume sauce, Shrimp Dashi

    Charleston style chilled pickled Shrimp with sweet Maui Onions and Sriracha

    Handmade Tuscan Pici Pasta with roasted Chickpeas, Chorizo, Garlic and Breadcrumbs

    Duck Fat roasted Corn on Danish Blue Cheese Polenta 'Cob', Corn Silk Crisps

    Cayenne Grilled Baby Carrot Kofte, Carrot Caramel

    Grilled Peaches and Oyster Mushrooms in Fino Sherry with Almond Crema on Toasts

    Duck Confit and Apricot Ragù on Polenta, Parmesan, Lemon Gremolata

    Desserts - new this week!

    Caramelized grilled Summer Stone Fruits, Whipped Mascarpone Creme, Sorrel Sorbet

    Candied Caramel Rum Shell filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache, Rum Meringue