New Sandwich Candidates

Time for a new sandwich.

The current favorite, roasted turkey, brie, pear and arugula on baguette, is a hit. Very good reviews.

So that will stay.

The current top contender for an additional sandwich is called a ‘Cuban’ sandwich.

Ham, oven roasted pork, provolone cheese and a little mustard on a Cuban style bread. The sandwich is then heated and pressed Panini-style till the cheese melts.

From what I’ve read, it is very popular, and super delicious.

Might need to add an additional side that would specifically complement this sandwich, but I am sure the home fries or the sweet potato and beet chips would work well.

If we add that, then we have a turkey, chicken, mozzarella (vegetarian), shrimp, beef and lamb sandwich, as well as this pork sandwich.

So it seems like a good mix that covers a lot of ground.

The second place idea was a Bahn Mi sandwich, and I know these are great. A Vietnamese specialty, with roasted pork, pate (!!), cilantro, cucumber, and other veggies, along with a bit of sauce, again on a baguette. Anything with pate has got to be good!

But I think for now, the Cuban will fill the bill.


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