Devilishly Good – A Night of Tasmanian Wines and Cheeses

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Devilishly Good – A Night of Tasmanian Wines and Cheeses
April 30th 2009, 7:15pm, $25

I know, I know – Tasmanian devil. First thought when you hear Tasmania.

But there’s more, lots more to Tasmania.

Tasmania boasts the coolest climate of Australia, offering the ideal environ for the Pinot Noir, among other grapes.
Tasmanian wines rival Burgundy for Pinot Noirs, Champagne for sparkling wines, Germany and Alsace for Rieslings, and the Loire valley for Sauvignon Blancs. This little known secret its starting to leak out into the wider wine consuming world.

Combine that with Tasmania’s stunning seafood, world class crafted cheeses (voted best Camembert IN THE WORLD!!) and a variety of indigenously unique things like pepperberries and Leatherwood honey – and the basis for a fabulous wine tasting event is clear.

So join with us to a fascinating part of the world, a bit exotic and out of the way, but world class in many ways.

Devilishly Good – An Evening of Tasmanian Wines and Cheeses
The Menu

Frogmore Creek Cuvee Evermore Blanc de Noirs
2004 (100% Sparkling Pinot Noir)
King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Cream,
Roasted Quince with almond crackers

Frogmore Creek Chardonnay 2005
Tasmanian Heritage Red Square Cheese and
Parsnip Tart with Apple Mint Salad

Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir 2006
Tasmanian Heritage Signature Camembert, Fresh
Roasted Figs with Tasmanian Pepperberries,
whole wheat crackers

Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling 2006
King Island Roaring Forties Blue with drizzle of
Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey on caramelized pear

The Wines

2004 Frogmore Creek Cuvee Evermore Blanc de Noirs (100% Sparkling Pinot Noir)
Delicate aromas of toasty brioche and strawberries subtly emerge from the fine beads. Full and crisp flavours of green apples and fresh citrus fruits linger on the refined acid structure.
Variety: 100% handpicked organically grown Pinot noir.
Region: Frogmore Creek vineyard, Penna, Southern Tasmania (42°44’S, 147°29’E).
Alcohol: 12.9 %

2005 Frogmore Creek Chardonnay
This wine has a rich mix of fig, melon and white peach flavours, which are further enhanced by French oak and barrel fermentation flavours. A backbone of lively acid supports the rich fruit and a complexity derived from barrel ferment and lees stirring. It has a lovely texture and mouthfeel.
The fruit for this wine was 100% organically grown at our Frogmore Creek Vineyard, located at Penna in South-eastern Tasmania.
Colour: Medium intensity, bright green-straw.
Bouquet: The fruit ripeness provides a mix of fig, melon and white peach flavours, which are further complexed by French oak and barrel fermentation flavours.
Palate: A backbone of lively acid supports the rich fruit and complexity derived from fermentation and maturation on yeast lees in barrel. The relatively high acidity results from the wine not having undergone malolactic fermentation, and provides elegance and food compatibility as well as ensuring long cellaring potential.
Alcohol: 13.7% v/v

2006 Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir
Fresh red cherries and strawberries fulfill both the aroma and palate senses. Flavours of juicy plums and mixed spices carry with velvet tannins and well balanced acid.
Variety: 100% handpicked Pinot noir.
Region: Southern Tasmania.
Oak: 10 months in 30% new and 70% seasoned French oak barriques.
Alcohol: 14.0 %

2006 Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling
Orange zest, lemon blossom and thick raisiny scents transcend into luscious, sweet stone fruit and ripe apple flavours. The finish lingers indefinitely, nourished by characteristic cool climate mineral acid.
Variety: 100% handpicked Riesling.
Region: 50% Frogmore Creek vineyard, Penna, Southern Tasmania (42°44’S, 147°29’E), 25% Cambridge, Southern Tasmania (42°48’S, 147°25’E), 25% Relbia, Northern Tasmania (41°30’S, 147°11’E).
Alcohol: 8.1 %

The Cheeses, Honey and Pepperberries

King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Cream
King Island Dairy Seal Bay Triple Cream is a rich and creamy triple cream cheese made with King Island milk and enriched with cream. Covered in a bloom of white mould, Seal Bay Triple Cream continues to develop during maturation, enhancing the magnificent flavour. It has a creamy golden centre and a pleasingly rich and buttery flavour.

Tasmanian Heritage Red Square Cheese
Tasmanian Heritage Red Square is a sumptuous traditional washed rind cheese with a mild earthy aroma and a lingering creamy taste. Upon maturation, the interior of the slightly sticky and pungent orange rind reveals a glossy custard-like centre which offers a surprisingly mild yet pronounced robust flavour.

Tasmanian Heritage Camembert
Tasmanian Heritage Traditional Camembert is a time-honoured creamy style camembert with a rich earthy flavour and aroma which is enhanced as the cheese matures. When young Traditional Camembert can be quite crumbly and relatively hard, however its flavour is milky and lactic sweet with just a hint of earthiness. Over time as the cheese ripens and matures the flavours will become more pronounced, but not pungent and its character will become stronger in flavour and its centre will ooze.
2008 – Champion Camembert, Wisconsin World Cheese Awards

King Island Roaring Forties Blue
King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue is a full flavoured blue with a sweet, slightly nutty character, a rich mouth feel and good aftertaste. The rindless cheese is matured in its wax coating, which cuts off the oxygen supply, promoting its sweet and fruity flavour. The wax also assists in retaining the blue’s moisture, creating a smooth and creamy texture.
The cheese is named after the infamous Roaring Forties gales which frequently bring westerly winds of more than 100km per hour to the island which lies on 40 degrees latitude.
Roaring Forties Blue has enjoyed unsurpassed success at industry awards around the country and the world, the most significant being the 2006 Champion at the 78th Annual British Empire Cheese Show in Ontario, Canada.

Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey
Leatherwood Honey is unique to Tasmania – the only country in the world where this magnificent tree Eucryphia Lucida grows and honey is commercially produced from it. The World Heritage areas of rain forest on the west coast of Tasmania where this fine, aromatic honey is gathered are entirely free from insecticides and artificial fertilizers. Pure air, pure honey. Certified Organic

Tasmanian Pepperberries
The Tasmanian Mountain Pepperberry is a berry, not a peppercorn. A spicy berry with a very elegant floral aroma and a smooth “heat”. An elegant heat that takes off smoothly and lands just as smoothly. Very different from most other “pepper”. Evolved from the flora of ancient Gondwanaland, and now found in the cool Temperate rainforests of Tasmania, native pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata) yields the spicy and aromatic leaves and berries

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